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Plywood Report: Extra Special McNally Edition, Part II

What we have here is a photo of Keith McNally's new West Village Italian, just moments before it disappears behind plywood for the better part of several months. In the photo above is the extremely elusive moment of metamorphosis from PRE-PLYWOOD to PLYWOOD. In the photo below (the very first interior!), you can see that there will be some serious brick work involved in the build-out of the restaurant. Plus, if you look closely on the left, you'll note the man himself, Keith McNally, his sleeves rolled-up, not afraid to get dirty in the name of a place that you (we) will soon happily obsess over.


You have Kalina to thank for these shots. Indeed, folks, this is Plywood at its very best.

· Plywood Report: Extra Special McNally Edition [~E~]

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