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Dirty Bird Almost the Word

2006_05_dirtybirdB.jpgThough we did say we'd give Dirty Bird To-Go two weeks to get a hold of themselves, we, well, didn't. The truth is that The Bird is within walking distance of Eater's West Village operations center and makes for an easy lunch excursion. Fortunately, based upon a Monday early afternoon spot check, it appears that the take-out joint may not need two weeks. Whereas last week flavors were bland and they simply could not get the crust to stick to the bird, this week all forms of the bird -- fried, rotisserie, and fingers -- were very tasty (more sweet than spicy though), and crust and bird were one. Plus, the dirty rice finally had some kick to it. For the first time, there were unmistakable signs of greatness in the making.

You'll also want to note a few changes. The mac 'n cheese, chicken-n-stars soup, and the organic greens salads have all been scratched from the menu; restaurant hours have been altered to 11-3 and 6 to 9, Monday through Saturady, closed Sundays; finally, there is now seating for approximately six inside the venue. As for delivery, the start date is still TBD. If you don't want to wait, calling ahead (212-620-4836) is still the best bet.

Above, the unofficial Eater Inside image features Slade Rushing in the center of the frame.
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