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Bouncer Shoots Four Over Age-Old Club Dispute

The Post reports that a bouncer at Opus 22 (formerly the oft-missed Open) opened fire on four uppity club goers, killing one and sending the other three to area hospitals. The subject matter of the alleged dispute that set the horror show in motion: the group's refusal to vacate their table for another reservation:

The bouncer, patrons said, had gotten into an argument with an inebriated customer. "One guy was drunk and [the bouncer] shot him," said a club-goer who witnessed the carnage. "He shot three others who helped [the drunken patron]...The victims, he said, had arrived together. The club was bringing in another large party and "the [victims] didn't want to leave because they were finishing their drinks," [DJ Will] said.
The takeaway here, at the very least, involves a lesson over the relative value of your seat at a club trying to turn over a table. Namely, even at $16 your last drink isn't worth it.

As an aside, close readers of the article will note that the Post reporters on this story have never been close to Opus 22; this revealed by the fact that they classified the club as 'sprawling' with 'a large dance floor,' when by the most generous standards Opus is a tiny club. They also got the address wrong, but as the owners of The Falls would tell you, that’s where the proprietors got lucky.
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