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BREAKINGish: Biltmore Room Closes

On the Eater Wire this AM:

Re: Biltmore Room. Why hasn’t anyone noticed, this sucker is closed! The bar is open to sell it’s wares off, but my info is the restaurant is over, wasn’t it just last year they got 3 stars, and only recently you still couldn’t get a table??

Reservation line says “fire in the kitchen, not taking reservations” but my sources say 48hrs before May 8th (yes, May 8th) the decision went out to close.
This news isn’t exactly a surprise, what with the venue’s constant stream of event gimmicks and all, though even with their three Times stars clearly we'd been too slow on the Deathwatch trigger. Interesting timing, this, just as word breaks that Gary Robbins may take over the Russian Tea Room building.

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