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BruniMystery: Who Is SoOverSalsify?

We were still reeling from the unparalleled awesomeness of this morning's Frankiepants-goes-to-Sascha review, when we were struck by the most obvious question of all. No, it's not how he slipped his swerve past the monolithic Times editors. And no, it isn't why he is so familiar with Dinty Moore. Rather, the question is simple, obvious, and, unfortunately, utterly unsolved.

Who, exactly, is Bruni pen-pal SoOverSalsify?

So far, our bulletproof lineup of possibilities includes Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl, fellow Timesman Mark Bittman, gadabout Lockhart Steele, Food & Wine editor Kate Krader, Ed Levine, and Bruni Digest-er Julia Langbein. Inside knowledge, as ever, appreciated. This one's gonna keep us up tonight.
· Don't Like the Ambience? Switch Floors [NYT]

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