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Eater Inside: Mr. Chow Tribeca

[Kalina, 5/18/06.]

In the face of better judgment, we bring you Mr. Chow Tribeca, international egomaniac Michael Chow's brand new downtown playpen. Chow's reputation for having two hospitality standards -- one for his celebrity friends, another for average diners -- hasn't been lost on the trip south, nor have the prices (upwards of $125 a person before dessert, on a recent trip) or the crushingly absurd 'no menu' policy (menus are by request only and asking for them is strongly discouraged). If you must go, order dishes you’ve put through the paces on 57th Street (the green shrimp are always solid), otherwise you'll wind up with a smorgasbord of uninspired dishes that had been prepared in bulk hours prior. For the uninitiated, ask for a rundown of what will be coming to your table then instruct your waiter to scratch that completely and instead go with whatever Mr. Chow usually sends to Jessica Simpson’s table.

The Executive Chef is David Hor, who was trained at the original Mr. Chow in London and has most recently spent four years at Mr. Chow on 57th Street. Design is by Michael Chow with artwork by Helmut Newton, Andy Warhol (a portrait of, what do you know, Chow himself), and Julian Schnabel (the Christopher Walken portrait pictured here).

Further reading on the opening; and at NY Mag and the official site.

Mr. Chow Tribeca
Haute Chinese, Michael Chow, late 70s Warhol fave
121 Hudson, Tribeca, 212-965-9500

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