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Hangover Observations: Le Cirque Opening Party

Image above is of the atrium of 1 Beacon Court (the Bloomberg Building), where a tent was built to handle overflow.

1) Everyone showed up. Stewart, Bloomberg, Cosby. And Chuck Scarborough. Everyone.

2) When cross referenced, the guest lists here and at the Plastic Surgery Olympics are strikingly similar.

3) The table of self-serve tequila shots (house brand, naturally), though somewhat out of place, lessened the pain significantly. And did so quickly, at that, because of a pronounced lack of food. Nice touch, Sirio.

4) Tihany's dining room is quite witty for its views of the Bloomberg worker bee offices (give it 20 years, fellas), but otherwise a little bland.

5) The carpeting throughout skirts a fine line between luxuriously thick and difficult to traverse; women in heels will find tables closest to the door particularly appealing for this reason.

6) The bar, though not overtly Magic, will prove a serviceable drinks option in the neighborhood, provided you are the sort who is willing to leave a $100 tip for two cocktails.

7) The staff at the door, with their neatly alphabetized guest list binders, never stood a chance.



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