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MePa Madness Solved: Just Pocket Change

Recall last week's report of Meatpacking District inanity in which (as our tipster put it) "an asshole pulls up in a black towncar and dumps what must be I think thousands of pennies on the street"? Turns out—would you believe—it's a promotional stunt. Seems a new weekly email newsletter called Pocket Change is set to launch shortly, promising to "entertain and inform subscribers about all things exclusive and about all things New York—the city that enshrines excess." And Pocket Change's editorial persona, would you believe, actually does involve an asshole and a car. From the press materials:

I thought, Richard, you are known amongst your circle as a “Master of Wealth,” and the vanity plate “IVOMIT$” on your 1967 Jaguar S-Type affords you a certain authority as well. With all that you know about everything there is to know about everything, surely you of all people could develop a service that attends to the unsightly money hump laying waste in the wallet folds of your contemporaries. And once I set my mind to something I courageously sally forth and pay somebody to do it for me.
We'll be hearing more from these people soon. Stay tuned.
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