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Breaking Freemans Facelift Update: Birds Freed!

Ever since Freemans' post-facelift-cum-expansion mid-March reopening, we've been awaiting news of the nine Victorian birdboxes that, at last report, were "clearing customs as we speak." Turns out it was a bit trickier, thanks to arcane taxidermy importation laws, and the birds have been stuck in a box somewhere out by the airport, unable to join their furry and feathered Freemans friends. Until now.

Co-owner William Tigertt writes in to clear the air, and the issue.

US Fish & Wildlife has released three of our nine seized Victorian bird boxes from Cornwall. The Magpie, Blue Heron, and Red Kite are being enshrined in the new tavern back bar as we speak while their feathered kin languish in the clutches of US Marshall's in a Raider's of the Lost Ark style warehouse somewhere near JFK. We now await the fate of the rest of the birds and potential criminal charges against Taavo Somer for violating the US Migratory bird treaty of 1918.
Skepticism-inducing laws aside, he also delivers more news on the restaurant front:
The new bar is open for business with a new spring cocktail list and a bar snacks menu. We are still waiting on Con Ed to turn the gas on for our expanded kitchen, so the full menu is not available in the new section of the restaurant (our tiny electric ovens can't take it). We've passed all our inspections and we hope to have it going full tilt by the first week in June with a new expanded menu to follow in the following weeks. Stay tuned.
Oh, we will. Nobody puts Victoriana in the corner.
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