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Le Cirqueus: The Greatest PR Machine on Earth!

Two more pre-items on Le Cirque III are in (in addition to Calderone's aforementioned), one from Flo and the other from The Snackstress. The takeaway is, it is SO all happening.

Flo's focus is the design: "The décor, by Adam D. Tihany, is dramatic, richly toned and plush. The main dining room has a double height ceiling and a shimmering bronze fabric circus tent effect. The chairs and banquettes have leather seats and velour backs in gold and blue candy stripes. The walls are trimmed in polished macassar ebony, the latest in restaurant finishes, already seen at Brasserie Ruhlmann and 230 Fifth." (Sidebar: Did the PR machine really approve the early comparisons to 230 Fifth?)

And JKL zeros in on the family story:

On opening day, and most days afterward, Mr. Maccioni will stand at the podium welcoming his regular customers. His sons will be next to him, greeting the next generation. "Who knows who that'll be?" Marco Maccioni asked. "Elle Macpherson? Jessica Alba?" The three talk over each other in English and Italian, telling different versions of the same stories, arguing over whether the menu should be prix fixe (Mauro thinks yes) or a la carte (Sirio and Marco think people want what they want)..."Of course I'm worried, I'm damn worried!" Mr. Maccioni said. "But this is not for me. I have no ego - she is my ego," he said, pointing to his 9-month-old granddaughter, Stella, smiling from her stroller. Since she's perhaps the most charming Maccioni of them all, there's talk of putting her at the podium, too.

All of the articles are sure to emphasize the fact that there is a humongous opening party tomorrow -- though Flo v. Calderone, who bet on 1,500 and 2,000 guests, respectively, will come down to the wire -- and you will be lucky to just snag a spot on the line to get in.

Through it all, though, not a peep about the gift bag situation. Could it be that Sirio is going sans? We may have to live-blog this thing after all.
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Photo courtesy of the Times.

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