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Food Section Buzzwrap: Mo Better Meat

1) Speaking of Batali, comes Keil to report that the shit is about to hit the fan in the Del Posto lease derailment. Trial kicks off Friday. "'Their day of reckoning is fast approaching,' said Warren Estis, lawyer for the landlord, Somerset Partners. 'It would be smart of them to remove the equipment before we proceed.' But that would cause the restaurant to shut down for over two months and would cost a half million to relocate the systems. Stay tuned." Ahem.

2) Also via Keil: Keith McNally says the earliest his West Village Italian will open is December.

3) FloFab dishes on some upcoming openings—WD-50's pastry chef Sam Mason plans his own Soho tapas outpost, for example—but what really grabs us is this: "MO'S NEW YORK GRILL Mariano Rivera, the Yankee relief pitcher, is to open a steakhouse in July. Gary Fosina will be the chef and a partner: 14 Memorial Highway, New Rochelle, N.Y., (914) 632-1442." In a word, wow.