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Shutter Micro-Alert: Monday Immigration Rally Closures

Gawker's got the early word that today's immigration rally is darkening eateries across the city:

A lady who lunches informs us that Noho eateries Five Points and Noho Star are closed for lunch due to the immigration strike — anyone know of any other venues suffering because of headstrong laborers? We called Five Points to confirm and received the following explanation: “You know, because most of the kitchen staff…” [Voice awkwardly trails off.] Oh yes, we know. [Eyes roll, disapproving shake of head.]
Gawker readers add Florent and Pump to the list. Others?

UPDATE: A tipster reports that Laurent Tourondel's BLT Steak is closed for lunch, while BLT Fish is operating, but with a condensed menu. Keep 'em coming.
· Immigration Rally Inconveniences Handful of Diners [Gawker]

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