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Back Room Shakeup, Part II: Tim Robbins hopefully unharmed

More on the situation at Back Room, from another extremely well-placed source:

re The Back Room- I could have told you this 3 weeks ago. The day after the hostile purchase, all staff members, especially those who had opened the bar, came in to find the place padlocked-None were allowed back in to get their stuff. Apparently the police had to come to cut the locks, but I heard that part 3rd hand.
As much fun as it is to see the situation escalate from a difference of opinion to a full-on 'hostile purchase,' we do hope no celebrities were harmed in the process.
· Breaking: Tim Robbins Out at Back Room? [~E~]

UPDATE: Another report: "The story I heard from one of the bar's neighbors is that Johnny is and always has been OK with the B&T crowd, Tim Robbins pulled out because of the excessive amounts of nose powdering going on in the bathrooms, and he was warned not to have his name associated with that."

Two sides to...