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Hog Pit Update: Not so fast, Kamali

Felisa Dell, co-owner of the beloved Hog Pit writes us:

dear sirs,

as for the info. you posted about the hog pit bbq. i can tell you, as the owner that we have never been offered a buyout and we have three long years left on our lease. we are aggressively searching for a new location and hope to have it up and running by 2007. i don't think it's going to be possible to stay in the meatpacking area - our rent is going up to 40k per month, if you can believe that. i'm looking for the next "new frontier" maybe the upper west 30's or the outskirts of chinatown. when we opened the pit it was just us and hog & heifers and florent. then came the rich people, it's quite sad really, now there's no character left.

thank you,
felisa dell
owner, hog pit bbq

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