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Good News/Bad News: Imagine Bar and Grill

Perhaps you have considered checking out Imagine Bar & Grill, the sold and renamed EVil installation Miracle Bar & Grill. Is it worth trying? Depends on whom you ask. There is the good news and the bad news.

GOOD NEWS: A reader writes, "I ate brunch on Saturday in the garden of a new restaurant, Imagine Bar and Grill, located in the old Miracle Grill spot at 6th St and 1st Avenue. Spoke to the new owner, Joanna, who is apparently friends with Lynn, the old owner of Miracle. The menu is nearly identical to Miracle's - food (wild mushroom quesadilla) and cocktails (bloody mary) were outstanding. The old garden is intact - I will definitely be back!"

BAD NEWS: But, travel blog Jaunted isn't buying it. "Imagine is a pale shadow of Miracle Grill. The margaritas (which tasted like they were mixed with Diet Sprite) can't hold a candle to MG. The service was lethargic, the food bland and overpriced. Avoid. It's not even worth soldiering through a meal there to sit in the huge garden. We mourn Miracle Grill's passing today more than ever.

It's a funny thing, this business of first impressions.
· Imagine: There's No Heaven [Jaunted]