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Breaking: Tim Robbins Out at Back Room?

We wouldn't pass along this rumor from just anyone, but one of our most respected Lower East Side tipsters has the word on changes at Norfolk Street's The Back Room:

So apparently Tim Robbins is out at The Back Room. Word has it that Johnny (a primary partner, and owner of a few other bars) didn't like the direction the crowd was taking—my source called it the "bridge and tunnel" crowd to be precise. I'm guessing Tim wanted to see big numbers and didn't care who came, but Johnny wanted a cooler crowd in an attempt to reverse the "media saturation" regarding this "secret" bar that occurred late last year. Tim sold off his portion and is no longer affiliated.
If true, the deal must have happened recently, as Eater operatives spied Robbins at the Back Room within the past month. Anyone know more?
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