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National Grilled Cheese Month Is Here!

Heartbroken over the passing of both Grilled Cheese NYC and The Original New York Milkshake Co., we thought maybe the whole grilled cheese thing (never a fad) had passed. And we mourned.

But our sorrow was too soon. Because it's National Grilled Cheese Month, and New York ever-so-helpfully lists three places—and their particular reasons—to celebrate. Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop offers "old New York charm" and "first-rate sandwiches"; 'wichcraft fancies up with fontina, black-trumpet, and truffle-fondue gc's; and, while Comfort Diner already jumped the Velveeta with a grilled-cheese-of-the-day special in February, it still pretty much rocks the classic b&t on white.

Who'd they miss? Get thee to a sandwichery, and report back.

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