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Plywood Report LES Nightlife Edition: Get Me Rewind

The plywood, you say? Oh, there's more. Much more.

For this installment, stroll to the Lower East Side of your mind—you know the place we're talking about—and observe the venues seen above. They're both recently closed watering holes that are rebranding themselves on the outside. (Award yourself half a point for each former tenant you can name.) On the inside, though, expect precious little to change.

Above left, that's the old Mission space on the Bowery (without doubt the most egregiously named club in downtown history—no small feat), set to reopen tonight as Katra. Above right, on Essex Street just above Rivington, that's the former SX137 space, shuttered since the fall. Its new name: Rewind. Appropriate, no? [POST-PLYWOOD/SOFT OPENING]