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E.U. Takedown Update: So Very Dry

Because, indeed, no one likes taking candy from a baby, the Deathwatch committee has remanded the issue of East 4th Street's no-liquor E.U. to a lower court for retrial. Meantime, an Eater operative stopped in for a meal last night and offers these tidbits:

1) Hostess on stool blocking door: "Are you aware we serve no wine or alcohol?"
2) Approximate tables filled, 8:15pm: 33%. 10pm, 25% (photos, above)
3) Most popular beverage choice: Perrier. (N.B. only bottled water choice available)
4) Food: admirable, given the whiff of fleurs du mal imbuing the environs
5) Hostess' opinion regarding the liquor license, when we quizzed her on the way out: "We don't know when we'll get it. No news at all."

In a word: dry. So very, very dry.
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