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Monday Night Raw Follow-Up: When Buddha Met Larry

When on the same Monday night Larry Flynt's Hustler Club opens its roof deck and the long-awaited Buddha Bar throws its opening party, one clears one's Tuesday AM schedule. At least on paper, it sounds like a perfect compare and contrast opportunity. On the one hand, you have the Pomeranc-meets-Flynt promise of a rooftop strip club; on the other, a hugely famous French import that will prove either a massive hit or, following a three-year delay, a day late and a million dollars short.

Firstly, Flynt was Flynt, though this time, as if via a massive technological breakthrough, the strippers were en plein aire (as pictured above). It could have used a Pomeranc once-over, though, and you can read more at our architecturally-inclined brother (footnote: having seen the view from the roof in person, it's likely the shot in the invite is taken not OF New Jersey, but FROM New Jersey). As for Buddha Bar, a report from a member of the Eater entourage is just ahead.

Maybe if Buddha Bar had been successful opening this spot when they planned to three years ago, the décor wouldn’t seem so played out. A giant, impressive Buddha presides over the massive space from the back of the main room. It looks nice a first glance, but on closer examination, the large scale decoration scheme seems like smoke and mirrors to detract from the fact that the interior isn’t very nice. Tables and chairs look like were rented from the Marriott’s conference room series, and although the red glass chandeliers were attractive, they were far too small for the cavernous room. The jellyfish are the coolest part of the place, in tanks above the sushi bar. But, based on last night’s experience, I could not recommend eating there. I actually can’t imagine anyone would want to eat at Buddha Bar, the space isn’t conducive to anything but standing around and looking for people you recognize, and making bets on how long a place this generic can last in the over-clubbed area.

Maybe they could learn a little something from Mr. Flint...there were so many half naked women at Buddha bar already, all they need to add is a stripper pole and be done with it.

In fact, stripper poles in MePa would be something new. Dangerous, but new.
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