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Food Section Buzzwrap: The '89 Molson is Delightful, Sir

1) FloFab digs in on the Bistro du Vent deathwatch, offering this: "Bastianich said they plan to go forward with the sale if they are unable to enter into a partnership that they are negotiating with another restaurateur." (Kamali, that you?) Meantime, Off the Menu, FloFab offers two updates of interest. First, she confirms that CraftSteak is calling next Tuesday, May 2 its official opening day; second, regarding the shuttering of Orchard Street's Heirloom: "One of the partners, James Duffy, said they closed it because it was losing money and had no liquor license." Dun-dun-dun-dun! [NYTimes, Off The Menu]

2) Cuozzo TrendWatch: beer sommelier at Café D'Alsace. [NYPost]

3) More Postage, this time on a topic dear to Eater's heart: the off-menu item. At the 21 Club: "Hunter's salad (chopped salad of raw fresh vegetables traditionally served with Lorenzo dressing, where the secret ingredient is chili sauce). On the menu 50 years (!) ago, last year brought 300 orders for this unlisted specialty." [NYPost]