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Bistro Du Vent Up for Sale (Deathwatch Special Report)

Mario Batali and Co. have put their two-star theatre district French, Bistro Du Vent, on the market, according to real estate firms Walker Malloy and Picken, who share the listing. For $400K in Batali Turn Key and $13.5K a month, it can be yours. We understand, however, that Chef Laurent Gras will likely not come with the space, though he'll keep his team in the kitchen right up until the sale.

Shocking as it is to find a Mario Batali restaurant less than immune to the laws of nature and economics, it isn't totally surprising to see that Mario is done trying to make a terribly located, perhaps ill-conceived, venue sing. He has clearly decided, not unreasonably, that his time is better spent focusing on the planned westward expansion and, say, keeping Del Posto afloat.


As we speak, official Deathwatch paperwork is being prepared.
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