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Lower Avenue B Update: Late-Night Le Souk Fun

Another Thursday night on Lower Avenue B, Manhattan's hellmouth. Reports a tipster:

3.30am this morning fellow patrons at Le Souk were in the process of attacking one another. Once scuffles had moved to the street, and with most Ave B residents between 3rd and 4th now awake from the related noise, it wasn't long before the police arrived. However, it became apparent a rather distressed guy involved in the fight had been sprayed with Mace. In between begging the uniformed officers to 'spank him' he could clearly be heard describing how he was attacked with Mace and his 'fucking eyes were burning'. Photo attached of distressed guy handcuffed and on his way to Beth Israel.
In related Avenue B news, another tipster challenges our Dish word from earlier this week that Le Souk spinoff Carne Vale has opened. That report, after the jump.
having read on your site about Carne Vale and being a big fan of brasil and its food, i decided to walk over last night to check it out though i didn't quite remember where it was -- except for faint memories that it was probably on avenue b and close to le souk (which, if any place deserved to be firebombed...). i didn't find it.

across from le souk on avenue B, however, i did see a storefront being renovated. the interior had been painted some sort of earthy yellow -- perhaps someone's idea of what colorful brasil might be like? there was absolutely nothing in the space except for some sort of little refrigerator. with a sinking feeling, i asked one of the workmen what they were building. yep -- carna vale. they said to come back in a couple of days. i think it's going to take a lot longer than that