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Plywood Report: More Owl, Buzina Pop, Lure, &c.

1) West Village: Follow-up on Little Owl (featured in last week's Plywood Report) per a tipster: "I was told that the name of The Little Owl (right) comes from the little owl that sits atop the house across the street--the amazing cream colored wood house with maroon shutters. I live in the building attached on Grove, so it's been exciting seeing the restaurant come alive. Can't wait until it opens." [PLYWOOD]

2) Upper East Side: We're excited for next week's presumptive opening of Buzina Pop on East 73rd (at Lexington) if for no other reason than to call the resy line and hear the phone answered, "Buzina Pop!" (N.B. per the KB Network Newsers, "The name Buzina Pop is a playful nod to Chacrinha the clown, a much-loved pop icon in Brazil.") [POST-PLYWOOD]

3) Soho: Well, well. Appears John McDonald was good to his word to rebuild following January's flood: "According to a sign in the window, Lure Fishbar is opening again the first week of May. Everything looks just about normal inside." [PLYWOOD/POST-PLYWOOD]

4) Midtown East: A shuttering gives way to plywood as Crain's reports that the Silverleaf Tavern at the 70 Park Avenue Hotel, is being remade into a lounge. [SHUTTER/PRE-PLYWOOD]

Seen a restaurant, bar, lounge, or nightlife shrine under construction in your neighborhood? We eagerly await your word.