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Eater Inside: Quality Meats

[Kalina, 4/18/06.]

Here we have Quality Meats, because if Avro-Ko designs it, Kalina shoots it. That and the fact that this is the Smith and Wollensky Restaurant Group's makeover of their Manhattan Ocean Club. The midtown west restaurant is an interesting departure for Stillman & Co. and it is not surprising to hear that his son, Michael, is said to have had a heavy hand in QM's development. Other than Avro-Ko's signature light bulb treatment, other mildly edgy accents abound, such as a charcuterie bar in the middle of a steakhouse. The chef is Craig Koketsu, who has worked with both Kunz and Delouvrier, but who is for the first time running his own kitchen.

Further reading in the Dish; and at NY Mag, URBANDADDY, and right off the official press release.

Above is one wall of the dining room; below, the bar.