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Eater Inside: Dressler

[Kalina, 4/17/06.]

2006_04_dressler_bar.jpgThis would be Dressler, Cavin Devlin's Balthazar for Billyburg concept, located across the street from Peter Luger. Main dining room is above; bar is at right. Devlin's co-owner is Joe Foglia; the Kitchen is run by Polo Dobkin and Cal Elliot, who have each had stints at Dumont and Gramercy Tavern; and, design and iron work is by Robert Ferraroni.

Expect satisfying menu offerings in that nebulous 'Mediterranean' zone, such as raviolo with herbed ricotta, served with sweet slow roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and English peas. Officially, the restaurant is just a handful of days open, plus it's in Brooklyn, so reservations should still be a possibility (718-384-6343).

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