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Kamali Report: King's Head Tavern, Rooftop Bar Opportunity!

It's time for another installment of the Kamali Report, the manifestation of one man's quest to get a commission on every liquor licensed establishment in NY. This week, Grim Reaper Kamali's docket will resonate with the NYU set, both current students and alums, as the great King's Head Tavern hits the block. Call your money mangers, folks; it can be yours for a fixture fee of $480K and a dirt cheap $8500/month.

If that’s a little bougie for your trust fund, perhaps a rooftop bar is the thing? Steve has one in Gramercy Park Vicinity going for $800K plus another $20k a month, with a "potential rooftop bar opportunity"!

Don't delay. The Kamali is waiting for your money.
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