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Heirloom Closes (special Shutter report)

Starting several weeks ago, the state of affairs at LES vegetarian newcomer Heirloom began to sour (soy milk). For one, it was announced that there would be menu changes, marked by a new focus on healthier, more expensive fare. This being the stuff that Deathwatch dreams are made of, we prepared accordingly—note unused collectors edition photo at right.

But, sometimes the Shutter strikes with unpredictable swiftness. Just this morning, we received a reader note, which read, "I found out from someone who works there that Heirloom closed as of last night.The temp chef d cuisine is the one who had to tell everyone it was closing at the end of the night. Including Matthew Kenny who had no clue it was happening and was told by phone."

Given the painfully brief four months it took the venue to go from new black to shuttered, however, it's not entirely clear that Kenny ever knew exactly what was happening.

Anyway, that's that. Let's keep it moving, folks.

UPDATE: Or perhaps that isn't quite that? Matthew Kenny's reps write us with a statement on his behalf: "Due to an impasse among investors regarding the concept and operation of Heirloom, the restaurant has temporarily closed while I, as its managing partner, explore legal options. It is important to me that Heirloom adheres to its original vision and is reflective of the creativity and service that people have come to expect from my establishments.” He said, legal options. Nice, let's do this.