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Bruni to Have His Way with Jean Georges on Wednesday

Through all sorts of back room dealings, the nature of which you don't want to know, Eater has learned that there is an excellent chance The Frank is going to re-review the previously four-starred Jean Georges this coming Wednesday. In short, this is a big deal. Currently, there is an elite group of just five restaurants in NY that have four Times stars and you can be sure those venues hold onto their gems for dear life.

Now. Frank has been mostly consistent with his predecessors in his other four star re-dos (Bruni's re-do policy here), with the most glaring exceptions being, of course, Bouley and ADNY. He has also taken his sweet time with this review, having first been sighted in the main dining room of Jean Georges, according to our sources, about a year ago. Given the fact that our man is flat-out bonkers, however, there is no telling how this will shake down.

We've decided to put a poll in the field and see what the Eater consensus is on Jean Georges. Is JGV's Columbus Circle flagship still a four star temple? Are all those personally logged hours in the kitchen paying off for Vongeritchten? Will Frank's palate speak for the people?

Please vote regularly and responsibly in this, the very first Official Eater Poll. (Mr. Bruni, sit tight; we'll forward you the results early next week.)

Do you have additional thoughts on the matter? Do Compose New Mail Message.