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The Day in E.U.: Putting the Why In Denial

Today's three fun E.U. factoids come courtesy of The Villager...

1) The State Liquor Authority finally releases its justification for denying E.U. a liquor license back in the dark days of February: “premises lies within 500 feet of three or more existing [liquor licensed] premises; and the opposition of the local community board and community residents.” No surprises there.

2) "The place also recently had a private party, for which an event license allowing alcohol was obtained." Go figure: it wasn't tonic after all.

3) A local E.U. opponent describes last weekend's scene: "This weekend was absolutely intolerable. At night there were at least 100 people milling around outside. Raucous, noisy — even without the alcohol. That was sort of our point.” And lo, another weekend dawns. Reports from the front line to the tipline, svp.

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UPDATE: An Eater reader emails, "despite the alleged EU fray, was down there in the area last night and for better or worse, was no more crowded than usual. only the average contingent of sport-coated jagoffs on the sidewalk, talking 8 decibels too loud on the phone. Passover or self-restraint? you decide."