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Dirty Bird Menu Revealed!

Yesterday, Flo Fab (via the Buzzwrap) rocked NY's fried chicken set to its core when she delivered the news that Allison Vines Rushing & Co. would be opening Dirty Bird To-Go, a tiny Southern chicken joint on West 14th St.

Today, Eater has obtained the full menu (after the jump and via .pdf below) for your salivating pleasure. Note that the fried chicken is first brined, then soaked in buttermilk and twice fried. Sides include 'dirty rice' and shallot cornbread. You'll want to start clearing space in your arteries now, as the rotisserie section is for lightweights.

Per Flo, Monday is the day; per PR, it's 'next week.' Either way, expect a busy signal by midday Monday. Oh and one more thing, West Village/Chelsea/MePa residents: they deliver.

By the way, even odds that the NY Mag uses the headline 'Dirty Bird Gets the Worm' before we get finished with this one.
· Dirty Bird Menu [.pdf download]
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