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The Day in E.U.: Sign Here, Celebs w/Glasses, Rant

In times like these, it's just plain silly to imagine a day going by without E.U. news to report. Today brings us three new pieces of news.

2006_04_euprivateparty.jpg1) Per a comment just posted to Curbed, a reader reports, "They have two girls collecting signatures in front of the restaurant today." Aggressive. We like it.

2) That private party Monday night that closed the joint to mere mortals? Kate Moss and Calvin Klein, baby, with Lohan running backup, as seen in today's WWD reproduced in part at left. Do check out the seltzer water in the hand of Jamie Dorman. We like it.

3) A classic MissRANTpresentation about the E.U. situation concludes with this modest proposal: "There is a good, market driven solution to all this: restrict business types to side streets with minimum sidewalk width." The whole essay is more complex and well worth the read. Would you believe, we like it.

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