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Code Red Shutter Alert: Le Kiosk

From the East Village comes this Shutter Alert from an Eater reader:

This morning I stopped for an iced coffee with my girlfriend at Le Kiosk, the beloved Euro-pagoda in the park on Houston and First Ave., and they had a petition on the counter to keep the place open. From what I overheard, there's some sort of hearing on Wednesday, they're supposed to close in 45 days, and there's talk of a Wendy's (!) trying to open up in the same location. I'm hoping the Wendy's thing is just a scare tactic to get people fighting for Le Kiosk, but even Le Kiosk simply closing down would be a tremendous loss for the neighborhood.
A Wendy's? Surely someone is just toying with our fragile psyches on this one, no? Please?
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