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Dear Blind Tigerites: An Update

Though we had known of Blind Tiger's planned return to the West Village (at Bleecker and Jones), until we received the Tiger owners' email blast, we were unaware of the circumstances surrounding the return. Specifically, that psychics, the Mets, Yankees, and George W. were all involved. Perhaps you were as well:

Dear Blind Tigerites:

A while back, when we were having trouble finding a new space for the Tiger, and I was beginning to wonder if I would ever drink free again, I went to see a psychic. After burning some sage to clear the air, she told me the Blind Tiger would rise again only if three things happened: the Mets had a better record than the Yankees; the Rangers made the playoffs; and lastly, the messiah finally returned. You can imagine how depressed I was. I couldn't remember the last time the Mets were ahead of the Yankees in the standings. I left the psychic thinking we would be wandering without a home for the rest of our beer-drinking lives.

Imagine my surprise when...

...the Rangers actually made the playoffs, the Mets started the season with a better winning percentage than the Yankees, and according to sources in the current Administration, George Bush is really the messiah in disguise, and he's about to solve the Iranian problem - and possibly all other problems - with "Operation Judgment Day." Of course I really got excited when it turned out the President himself had leaked this information, because it meant all three things had finally happened.

Sure enough, the psychic was right - we recently signed a deal for a new and slightly larger space at 281 Bleeker St., on the corner of Jones just south of Seventh Ave, across the street from John's Pizza. We're also only a block away from Murray's Cheese and Florence Meat Market. Demolition has begun, and we should start construction sometime next week. As to when the new Tiger will open...well, I haven't had a chance to ask the psychic yet, but my guess is our exile will come to an end about the same time Joe Torre's begins, sometime in June. We'll keep you posted, and you can always check the website a

Though usually we are weary of psychics who are Mets fans, in this case there appears to be an upside. That said, if Torre's exile really is the lynch pin, Blind Tiger II may still be a ways off.

· Blind Tiger Ale House [official site]