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The Shutter: Tennessee Mountain BBQ, F+B, &c.

Time for Eater's regular roundup of restaurants that have passed away into the night. Quick, cover your ears and prepare yourself for another installment of The Shutter...

2006_04_tnmtbbq.jpg1) Soho: One (admittedly non-ideal) way to gauge love for a dining locale is by how many reader reports Eater receives of its closing. By that metric, last week's shuttering of Tennessee Mountain BBQ (right) is April's biggest tragedy. Report a trio of readers: "Too Bad, the BBQ wasn’t the best, but it was pretty good. They did have GREAT baked beans. They were like 50% beans and 50% pulled pork... yummy!" "Goodbye hangover food. Must be the rents." "A sign on the door of Tennessee Mountain BBQ on Spring this morning read, 'Notice to our customers: After 24 years we will be closing our doors on Sunday night, April 2nd. Thank you for all the... [yada yada]' Sad. So many giant margaritas, so many ribs. I wonder what will go in the space next." [Official Site]

2) East 50s: An Eater reader emails, "Here’s a question for you: F+B, the European hotdog haven on 52nd street is shuttered for 'improvements.' As far as I can tell, they're doing a complete image overhaul, swinging away from the Euro-Swedish Ikea-feel to more healthful fare—soups, salads, sandwiches, and the like. It looks like they’re getting rid of the old name too; F+B is now Fresh & Best. The sign outside has been replaced with the new logo—no more blue and white umlauts—all with a very classic (read: boring) feel. The re-opening is listed as April 17th. Do you know anything about this? Does this mean my beloved Pommes Frites are going by the wayside? The new menu displayed in the window doesn’t list them, although the hotdogs are still there. What were they thinking!?!" [We're dry on this one, but intel welcome from those in the Fresh & Best know. Anything afoot at the W23rd F+B outpost? —ed] [Citysearch profile]

3) East 20s: "I discovered that Tatany on 380 Third Avenue was closed and under construction last night. No pix though!" Not so, says another reader: "Tatany is on E. 26th not on Third. It hasn’t been on Third for almost a year now. The shuttered building is next to Coppola’s and is being renovated as something mysterious." [Citysearch profile]

4) Greenpoint: "Add to your obituaries: Bleu Drawes Cafe in Greenpoint. Sad." [Official Site]

5) Lower East Side: Bonus Shutter temporary-closing alert: Ludlow Street's Inoteca is closed until Friday of this week for "spring cleaning," per a sign on the grate today.

Noticed a restaurant closing in your neck o' the woods? Drop us a line; double the fun by attaching a cameraphone pic.