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E.U. Update: No BYO Says What Law?

More Eater reader reax to the sad plight of East Village gastropub E.U...

2006_04_eusmno.jpg1) The BYOB Problem: "They can't have BYOB at E.U., as per the law? What law is this, might I ask? But the submitters are correct; no venue can survive such hostile and fervent neighborhood opposition. E.U. doesn't sound like it's an obnoxious venue, and this is all harassment plain and simple, but can a restaurant operate if they're helpless to stop the constant needling? Better question: has this actually ever worked against a venue that was generally keeping its nose clean (as opposed to, say, Limelight - which failed in that regard both figuratively and literally)?" Felix Salmon asks the same question: "Are any NYC BYOBs, strictly speaking, legal? Do the police just turn a blind eye, or is there some kind of BYOB license one can/should get?" Know the deal? Drop us a line.

2) Brand Inequity: "As a side note, I think their signage really hurt them. It's so bold and in your face, I think it sort of flies in the face of their contention that this is a 'neighborhood restaurant,' which is how they've tried to sell it to the people living in the area. Still, I wish them the best."

3) Ray of Hope/Full-On Delusion: "We called EU up today to enquire as to BYOB, again. they stated that no B is allowed currently but that they expect a license 'within weeks.' it's very sad what their neighbors are doing to them. maybe when they close a motorcycle gang can move in!"

· E.U. Update: BYOB Policy, Not So Much [~E~]