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E.U. Update: BYOB Policy, Not So Much

Ooof. Bad times continue apace at East 4th Street newcomer E.U., which can't seem to enjoy even a moment's ceasefire in its ongoing war with its neighbors. Two Eater reader reports from this weekend:

1) "Went to EU tonight. They would have been the most expensively designed BYOB, if in fact they'd let me BMOB! When we got in, they informed us that not only did they not have a liquor license, but the cops had been called on them by the 'very competitive local' establishments (something along those lines), and they asked us to sign their petition of local residents t'd off that they were rejected. Thus, our OB stayed in the shopping bag. Food was quite good, house non-alcoholic drink (strawberry ginger beer thing?) was excellent. Bathroom looked as if schiller's, wd50, and pink pony's bathrooms were slammed together. Hope they get their license, nice addition to the neighborhood."

2) "FYI, EU, the recently opened East Village 'gastropub' is no longer BYOB—there are no 'B's' allowed in there at all apparently now. I live about a block away from there, and a group of friends and I came to the restaurant on Saturday (armed with significant wine purchases) and were told we couldn't bring the bottles in because they got 'busted' on Friday night for having alcohol in there. So now it's open, but no alcohol is allowed whatsoever. Given how many bottles we were carrying, we couldn't just leave them, so we didn't bother going in. I suspect others are doing the same—place was almost totally empty. Frankly, I think it's about time for a Deathwatch on this one. I didn't even know you could get 'busted' for being BYOB, but if the neighbors hate them this much, they are not going to succeed. While these activists are at it, I really wish they'd get Le Souk's liquor license pulled too.... but that's another story."
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