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Dinner, With a Side of Tan

Today's Page Six reports on the latest post-ironic (but still plausibly un-ironically intended) restaurant to hit New York City. (Bruni, we're looking at you looking at Hooters). Get ready for the Hawaiian Tropic Zone, opening in September at 49th and 7th, with David Burke (of davidburke&donatella and Bloomingdale's fame) running the kitchen. Which—we're guessing— just might not be the main appeal. The Post points out:

The big draw might be the Miss Hawaiian Tropic beauty pageant winners who will wear mini-sarongs and bikini tops and take orders. Adam Hock, co-owner of the Pure nightclub in Las Vegas, calls these sexy servers "table concierges" and describes the eatery as "a 21st-century version of the Playboy Club."
We can hardly wait for the Diner's Journal.

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