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Eater Inside: Pre:Post

[Kalina, 3/2/06.]

2006_03_prepostB.jpgMeet the new kid on West 27th Street, open 'til 8 AM, Pre:Post. While it's hard to believe that there is a class of nightlife venue that West 27th Street could possibly still need, we suppose there is something to be said for a restaurant offering food and drink before and after (look at their clever little name: Pre? Post?) prime club land hours. We'd say more, but could not possibly match the official press materials:

Owners Gary Malhotra, Carlo Seneca, John Englebert and Ed Sanger have opened the restaurant and lounge so that revelers can come and unwind before or after a sensory overload from clubbing, music, lights, people and drinks. PRE:POST is sure to become the transition spot where trendsetters, hipsters and people who are out on the town meet while ridding the body of their "excess excesses" and replenishing with fresh and tasty selections complimented by delicious drinks including "detox" and "smart" cocktails.
Co-Executive Chefs are Damien Reynor (Ian Schrager Hotels) and Paul Landau (trained by Rocco DiSpirito at Tuscan Grill); design is by Stephane Dupoux, who created South Beach's Nikki Beach.

All of this, of course, is just in case you're caught dead on West 27th Street in the first place.

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