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NYC For Sale! (The Kamali Report)

Just about every week Kamali (with whom we believe you're now familiar) sends out an email with the subject line, "NYC for Sale!" to potential buyers and assorted people (such as the dedicated operative, who in turn passes the bulletins along to us). These emails serve as Kamali's weekly report on his clients--bars and restaurants that are for sale.

It's a genius read, not so much because we're thinking of opening an Eater-themed bar (that said, franchising inquiries should be directed to the Franchise Dept.), but because more often than not an interesting listing or two appears. This week, in addition to the Second Avenue Deli space, which we of course knew about, we also find that long time East Houston Street installation Oliva is on the market.

Have a look at the listings yourself. See something you like? Note a venue up for grabs that's filled with your extra special memories? Save it with just one phone call to the Grim Reaper himself.

As these Kamali Report updates come to us, we'll be passing them along to you.

· NYC For Sale! 3/7/06 [Steven "The Grim Reaper" Kamali; .pdf download]