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Week in Reviews: Deep Thoughts About Peacock Alley, Blaue Gans, Pigs' Feet

[Blaue Gans, by Kalina, 12/7/05]

1) Peacock Alley, described last week as providing "deep pleasure," gets a round of sympathy from the Cuozz, mostly in comparison with fellow hotel-restaurant Country. It's a little easy though - almost like comparing a totally hot and thoroughly PR-blitzed Rockwell-designed restaurant with an old-world old-school old-designed place. [NYPost]

2) Bruni waxes poetical about the German-Austro-lite at Blaue Gans,

Sausages have their day, sauerkraut gets a say and horseradish holds sway...
in an overall satisfied but still one-star review. [NYTimes]

3) Running favorite Lauren Collins tries pigs' feet at Hong Kong Station. Thinks they're good, wishes she were blindfolded. [New Yorker]

Meanwhile, New York gets all up in food this week in its Best of NY issue, recommending square pizzas and Full English brunch spots, and $25 and Under heads out to Park Slope to try out the neighborhood-y Little Dishes. A contemplative week.