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IMterview: Buddakan Day 2

SLNYDaddy: So, chef, last night at Buddakan?
ChefCarmen I can't believe it was running that smoothly on the second night. Great buzz too.
ChefCarmen It'll be too crowded to get in in 2 weeks
SLNYDaddy: you think?
SLNYDaddy: pretty massive space
SLNYDaddy: they weren't even making use of the red room
SLNYDaddy: ditto for library
ChefCarmen way more Philly than New York, minus the library
ChefCarmen It's so huge, it misses some intimacy
ChefCarmen but, we were very well looked after by the waitress(es)
ChefCarmen It's incredibly grand
SLNYDaddy: impressions of the food?
ChefCarmen The cocktails were excellent
ChefCarmen very sweet, in a good way
ChefCarmen I loved the rum, rootbeer leaf and ginger ale
ChefCarmen The food was amazing
SLNYDaddy: tell the fine folks watching at home what you had, please
ChefCarmen The edamame dumplings were light, with an ethereal edamame filling that was very rich
SLNYDaddy: ethereal, 'ey?
ChefCarmen rock shrimp with garlic that tasted like it was been rubbed off of a bagel
ChefCarmen lightly breaded, but still light
ChefCarmen and its pineapple consume chaser -- so great
ChefCarmen the short rib chow fun was fatty, and sweet and easy to cut with a fork
ChefCarmen loved it all
SLNYDaddy: so based on day 2, what's your year 1 prediction?
SLNYDaddy: success?
ChefCarmen Well, last night everyone seemed like they were seeing the beginning of something great
ChefCarmen I think it will be very popular for at least a year
ChefCarmen I hope the banker types don't ruin the scene
ChefCarmen and the food is good enough that people will go more than once
ChefCarmen so it could have staying power
ChefCarmen the library would make the best room for a party
ChefCarmen I think it will be a hit, couldn't find better real estate for what it is
ChefCarmen the food was fab
ChefCarmen and the service
ChefCarmen But that place cannot be cheap to run... there were no less than 7 hosts, who knows how much wait staff
SLNYDaddy: hence the bill
SLNYDaddy: $160 for two at the bar