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Wednesday Food Section Buzzwrap

1) Keil, who by now not only owns the Del Posto lease story but has also taken out a second mortgage on it, continues to fan the flames. The latest: the landlords have filed a motion in State Supreme Court claiming Molto Mario doesn't have the proper permits to operate. "We don't want to be responsible for another Happyland," landlord Keith Rubenstein tells Keil, to which we can only reply: oh yes, he went there. [NYPost]
2) Florence Fabricant, who writes about food for the New York Times, hits up some opening news. Among others, there's the hyped new Madison/E26th Street Italian A Voce (seen in last week's plywood report and today's DailyCandy) and new Upper East Side brasserie Café D'Alsace. [NYTimes]
3) Strong is hearing what we're hearing about the Sascha opening: next Monday. Will there be more to say on this? Yes, there will be more to say on this. [StrongBuzz]