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Who is Steven Kamali? (Or: The Broker Puppetmaster Who Wants To Save You From The Shutter)

For those who missed the reference in our previous post, may we present Steven Kamali (henceforth, "Kamali" or "Special K" "The K Man" or "The Grim Reaper"). He is another member of the NYC food and drink underground you'd do well to get to know. Depending on who you are, he's either your best friend or the kiss of death—or both.

If you are a nightlife establishment proprietor, Kamali knows your bar. He's been tracking it, lurking around the corner, waiting for you to go into the red (he'll know you're screwed before you do), always happy to lend a hand in lowering your shutter one last time. But by the time The K Man comes around, you probably know you're doomed anyway, so his services are welcome. He's happy to be your savior, finding a buyer for your lease, your goods, and perhaps even your good name before you lock the door for the final time.

On the other hand, if you're a bright-eyed, bushy tailed wouldbe bar owner, Mr. Kamali is the guy who can get you in the door, around potentially disasterous State Liquor Authority negotiations, and up and running in record time. Have your eye on the Second Avenue Deli space ($36,000/month)? Or perhaps you'd prefer your own Ludlow Street outpost in the space that's now Tenement (at $14,500/month, less than half that price)? Kamali's got the inside track.

For a reasonably hefty fee and a piece of the action, Kamali can make your dreams come true... until you go under and lose the place to a newer Kalmali client. The circle of life, NYC-style.
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