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RESY CONTEST: Closing Night at 71 Clinton

As you've heard, 71 Clinton will close its doors for good after dinner service this coming Saturday. Since we imagine you'll want to be on hand for this special night, Eater is giving away an 8:30 table for two on Saturday to the person or team who best answers this question:

Confined to the Lower East Side only, how would you spend $250 on food and drink on a Thursday night?

Specificity, precision, and originality will be awarded. Bonus points for venues of which we are unaware (good luck). As always, the Eater Editorial Dept. reserves the right to be highly subjective in choosing a winner. Any entry containing the phrase "it's not technically on the Lower East Side, but..." will be subject to automatic disqualification.

Contest will run until 2:00 PM on Friday and a winner will be announced shortly thereafter. Entries accepted here.
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