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Pushcart NYC Launches

At this time we'd like to welcome Pushcart NYC to the dance floor. Run by Sam Talbot of Ludlow/Stanton pushcart fame, the site has set out to review and organize the vast and at times unruly universe of NY pushcart vendors. His introductory remarks:

The pushcart is one of the symbols of the City, and yet information about them is maddeningly partial, scarcely rising above the level of rumor. Many people are not even aware that there is an entire world of cuisine available from pushcarts that goes far beyond the ubiquitous hot-dogs-and-pretzels, knowledge of this cuisine is so scarce...

We'd spread the word, to sing the praises of the pushcarts we love in whatever way we can. To make a record of the pushcarts of NYC and the excellent food they provide, day in and day out, to the people of this wonderful city.

This strikes us as a pretty daunting task, but it does seem like if anyone can do it it'd be someone on the inside, like Sam. We do like the fervor he's bringing right out the gate.

No word on whether they'll also track pushcart cleanliness, though we suspect not.
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