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Eater Dish Weekend Edition: Ronald's Pizza, Jack Bistro, and PRE:POST

1) The BelDel opening frenzy continues apace with the doors opening at Ronald's Pizza at 76 Orchard Street. Reports an Eater reader, "Ate a decent pizza at Ronald's Pizza last night. I wasn't expecting (or hoping for, even) another Pala, but I was surprised and pretty happy to find that Ronald's is just a down-and-dirty red sauce Italian place. Three pizza sizes, wood-burning oven, about 8 classic pasta dishes and 8 classic meat dishes. Most importantly, there are paper placemats with facts about Italy. The menu says Ronald's is a 'continuation' of the recently-closed pizza joint at Allen & Rivington. This place is definitely a giant leap forward. (When I said 'down and dirty' before... well, the old place was actually dirty. Roach dirty.) Manager said liquor license in two weeks, so it's BYOB for now. Space is nice, narrow but there is an attractive loft seating area."

2006_03_jack.jpg2) Another restaurant just outta plywood: Jack Bistro on University Place and East 11th. A tipster sent along this photo early in the week; now, the paper is off the windows, the doors are open—and, wouldn't you know it, Augie already stopped in: "It is too close to my house, too early to judge, and pretty cheap by neighborhood standards, so I may go back again for a second look, but I won’t do it enthusiastically."

3) If you missed the emailer buzz earlier in the week, new West Chelsea restolounge PRE:POST is has opened on the same block as the new Pink Elephant. (Potential sign of the apocalypse: "Its signature cocktails are named after the neighboring hotspots in the area.") More in the Post's huge overview of the neighborhood's nightlife insanity today.