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The Shutter: Cupcake Backlash Time

We've always included word of restaurant closings in Eater's Plywood Reports, but it's time for the deceased to have their own boneyard here. With that thought in mind, welcome to the first installment of The Shutter. (Seen a closing in your neighborhood? You know what to do.)

2006_03_polkadot.jpgWest Village: Notes a reliable Eater correspondent, "Somewhat momentously, another of the Magnolia Bakery wannabees has died. The Polka Dot Cake Studio on Bleeker near Grove has closed, sporting a big 'for rent' sign in the window. I never understood the place. The baked goods were absolutely beautiful. But the few times I tried it everything was dry, dry, dry." Dare we say, cupcake backlash? [Citysearch profile, official site]