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Wednesday Food Section Buzzwrap

1) Keil checks in on the brewing Goliath-masquerading-as-healthy-underdog war between the 14th Street Whole Foods and its new neighbor, Trader Joe's. According to Keil, "a meeting was called at the local Whole Foods store to strategize over the situation," although an anonymous "local merchant" said it was more of a "damage-control situation" than an attack strategy. Still, things could get messy. Thai chili lime peanut messy. [NYPost]

2) FloFab alludes to, solves, the Blue Point mystery, explaining that instead of the "plate of oysters" you might expect, you'll in fact be served crepes and quiches. Who'd have thought? Related, Jack and Grace Lamb, two years later than initially planned, open the French/Spanish-inflected Degustation, in the EVil space formerly known as Jewel Bako Robato/Grace's Kalbi Bar, and hope for success in a space that seems virtually allergic to the idea. [Off the Menu/NYT]

3) Jean-Georges Vongerichten gets in touch with his charitable side, plans on headlining the Central Park Conservancy's "Taste of Summer" June 7 benefit. At $350 a ticket, must love grass. [NYPost]