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Shopsin's Heading to Carroll Gardens

The Intelligencer has it that legendary West Village eatery Shopsin's is relocating to Carroll Gardens, as a result of, you guessed it, escalating Manhattan rents:

Kenny Shopsin, the breakfast-and-lunch spot’s Falstaffian owner, seems interested mostly in Brooklyn’s cheaper rent, which would allow him to spend more time jawing with customers, rather than in the kitchen. He didn’t want to be interviewed about the move, though. “Why don’t you just make something fucking up?” he said. “That’s what you’re going to do anyway.”
Obviously, those keeping score will want to move a point from the West Village's column into the hipsters'. The upside for all, other than that it's not closing altogether, is that we're given an opportunity to link to Calvin Trillin's seminal New Yorker article on Shopsin's, which blew the lid off of arguably the quirkiest restaurant in NY—and provides an extremely good history of the venue for the uninitiated.
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